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Biosphere Reserve

Since 2020, Ordino has been recognized as Biosphere Reserve. This international program, coordinated by UNESCO, aims to promote the conservation of natural and cultural resources, as well as sustainable development.

The Sorteny Refuge-Borda is in the lower part of the Sorteny Valley, core of the Biosphere Reserve, amidst a landscape of ancient glaciers. The flora, fauna, steep cliffs, and lakes bear witness to its beauty.

The Sorteny Valley is part of Andorra's natural heritage due to its cultural landscape. Throughout millennia, this valley has been the legacy and reflection of the interaction between humans, the economy, and the landscape. It showcases how humans have utilized the resources of the high mountain areas of the Pyrenees throughout history, from iron mining to livestock farming and pastoralism, and today, with refuges that testify to leisure and high mountain tourism.

These landscapes are evidence of both climate change and the social and economic evolution of its inhabitants.

As part of the Ordino Biosphere Reserve, the Sorteny Refuge, located at the foot of the Valley, overlooks an ecologically valuable and highly fragile landscape that deserves respect. This is why, through the Responsible Company Seal, we reaffirm our commitment through concrete actions related to the conservation of natural and cultural resources in the area, promoting sustainable development, and cooperating with other entities for reserve management.

This seal represents our dedication to the Biosphere Reserve, aligned with some of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • SDG 3 supporting physical and sports activity in a privileged natural environment,
  • SDG 6 promoting efficiency in the use of water on a day-to-day basis,
  • SDG 7 taking measures for energy efficiency in operations,
  • SDG 8 promoting social policies,
  • SDG 11 promoting the efficiency of travel,
  • SDG 12 practicing responsible consumption with traditional cuisine,
  • SDG 13 advocating on Reduce – Reuse – Recycle,
  • SDG 15 focusing on respect for the natural and cultural heritage of the Sorteny Natural Park,
  • SDG 17 encouraging customer involvement towards the Biosphere Reserve
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